Drop your puppy off at our home from home doggy day care where they will spend the day with us being looked after, getting walks, lots of playtime and rest time.  We can also work on any training you're doing with your puppy whilst they are with us.
 Puppy Day Care
 Home Visits
We will visit your home and make sure that everything is taken care of so when you come home you have a happy puppy.
Our visit includes:
  • Cleaning up any 'accidents'
  • Feeding and filling up water bowls
  • Letting outside to help with toilet training
  • Playing, cuddles and fuss​​​
 Puppy Care
Barney was a puppy not that long ago, so we know how much extra care puppies need; we also know how demanding on your time it can be.

When getting a new puppy one of the worries is how you are going to be home regularly to toilet train and feed them and make sure that they are not up to mischief.

If you are working or are out during the day then this can be a problem. Barney’s World can help with this. We have a number of options available for your puppy.

Proud to support
Maybe your puppy isn't ready for a group walk, this is no problem as we can organise solo walks during which we can also work on training issues such as recall, lead work etc.  We can also introduce your puppy, slowly, to other dogs over time to help build up their socialisation.
 Puppy Walk
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